WWWebTek Partners with Outsourced Software Development Services from South Africa

Jason FerezyLatest News

WWWebTek welcomes Just Ant Software as our latest strategic partner.  This partnership is important to WWWebTek's growth as it now expands the service offerings that we can provide to our current and new clients.

WWWebTek Internet Solutions

This partnership allows us to offer extended solutions which include:

  • UI/UX
  • Cloud / Web Applications
  • Database Design and Maintenance
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Custom Report Development
  • Legacy Applications

With added services like:

  • Creating Product Requirements | Working with your Product Team
  • Designing your Software | Architecture and User Experience
  • Developing your Software | Database, Infrastructure, Features and Functionality
  • Testing and Quality Assurance | User Voyages and Test Cases
  • Creating Documentation | Technical and Support
  • Deploying New Product Releases | Update Production Environment
  • Maintain Network Infrastructure | Application, Database and Web Servers
  • Maintain Data Backups
  • Network and Application Security

About South Africa

  • South Africa is among the Top 3 global locations that can support English language skills at scale
  • South Africa offers a First World experience in terms of its infrastructure and quality of life
  • South Africa offers a high quality, cost effective destination for offshoring business processes, in a stable investment environment supported by world class infrastructure
  • South Africa has a vibrant offshoring industry, which draws on the country’s linguistic, cultural and product affinity with the USA and Europe to deliver distinctive quality services
  • The public sector in South Africa has made a high-profile, long-term commitment to the offshoring industry, resulting in strong investor support and sustainable reductions in costs over the next several years
  • Excellent quality of infrastructure – roads, power, connectivity, retail and office buildings
  • Good quality of life with high standard of education, entertainment and healthcare facilities, very similar to those in the USA and Europe
  • Low cost of living: Johannesburg is ranked at 131 and Cape Town at 158 out of 214 cities on the worldwide cost of living index1 (Mercer 2011) (lesser than Prague, Dublin, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Cairo)
  • Compatible time zone with UK (GMT+2)
  • Stable telecom infrastructure with steady addition in undersea cables and rapidly reducing costs