WWWebTek Launches Pintail Coffee Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the launch of pintailcoffee.com. WWWebTek completed design and development of a full e-commerce website utilizing WordPress, WooCommerce and Yith Subscriptions. Working with Pintail, we were able to achieve the look, feel and ease-of-navigation the client sought to best portray their product and marketing information to visitors and customers.

As with most of WWWebTek’s clients, we were able to train the staff to maintain all aspects of their website – with also having the ability to contact us if the need arises…

About Pintail Coffee

Pintail Coffee Inc. is about people, process and product.

Our line of high quality coffees were inspired by the beauty of the Pintail duck. Deep chocolate browns, muted grays and the rich black coloring of their feathers inspired a blending of flavors carefully roasted together to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, every cup, every time. Our coffee is made of the highest quality Arabica beans sourced from farms all over the globe- including Brazil, Colombia, Africa and Indonesia. The beans we use are responsibly sourced, with an aim to building lasting relationships with farmers for years to come. Pintail’s own master roaster has visited over a hundred different coffee farms in seven countries and is ranked among the top coffee roasters in the country. He oversees all of our coffee roasting and grinding to ensure consistent quality in every cup.

All products are proudly roasted, ground and packaged locally in Farmingdale, Long Island.

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