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WWWebTek Launches New Paulson’s Audio & Video Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the new Paulson’s Audio & Video website. WWWebTek and our Marketing Partner, CATalyzing Communications  have completed design of Paulson’s Audio & Video website including fresh content, messaging, e-commerce (with API integration to their current POS).

Working with Paulson's internal marketing team and CATalyzing Communications, we were able to achieve the look, feel and ease-of-navigation the client sought to best portray their brand.  WWWebTek worked with their internal IT department to achieve secure API integration to the internal inventory management platform.  Now,  the sales team can manage products, inventory, images from one place - their internal POS system.  We look forward to continued success with Paulson’s Audio & Video!

About Paulson’s Audio & Video

Since 1992, Paulson’s Audio & Video has been on the forefront of music, video and home entertainment. Over the years, home and office technologies have changed dramatically, and so have we. But one thing remains constant; we are driven and passionate about taking exceptional care of our clients.

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