WWWebTek Launches New Lady Burd Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the latest version of ladyburd.com. WWWebTek has successfully migrated an older version of a Legacy PHP developed site to the latest version of WooCommerce. Utilizing migration tools and years of experience, we were able to bring over existing products with a flick of a switch. Working with the Ladyburd team, we have handed off a major part of product management, design and website editing to them. Utilizing WooCommerce for the engine, Ladyburd has full catalog control without utilizing the need for shopping cart. With this ability, we were able to display all their colors, packaging and information needed for their clients to view their online catalog.

About Lady Burd®

For over 55 years, Lady Burd® has been creating beautiful, highly profitable cosmetics for companies around the world. A private label manufacturer based on Long Island, New York, with showrooms across the U.S., Lady Burd® is committed to excellence. The partnerships we form with our vast array of unique clients are very important to us. Our goal is to forge a bond that benefits both parties.

Our Long Island headquarters provides the ultimate in total diversity. Beginning with our on-site high-tech laboratory, through manufacturing, warehousing and shipping facilities, we can successfully create unique products for every market. Lady Burd® manufactures the finest quality products available in the cosmetic marketplace today.

As a private label manufacturer, we have the ability to help you create your own image. Our staff will work with you in selecting color, choosing formulas and finding the right packaging. We can help you successfully market our cosmetics in many different ways.

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