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WWWebTek Launches New HEDsouth and HEDsocal Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the new HEDsouth.com website. WWWebTek and our Marketing Partners, CATalyzing Communications have completed design of HEDsouth and HEDsocal including fresh content and messaging. Working with HED and CATalyzing, we were able to achieve the look, feel and ease-of-navigation the client sought to best portray their Design and Engineering Services.

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About HEDsouth and HEDsocal


At HEDsouth and HEDsocal, our goal is to unite people with modern technology and thereby enrich their lives. Technology for the home and office should respond to your desires and perform beyond your expectations. Our approach to home entertainment, wellness and automation systems is to make them as simple as they are cutting edge. Imagine having a touch screen remote control or smart device with settings that fit your preferences and lifestyle. These features are hallmarks of our music, video, lighting, shading, wellness, climate control and electronics design. We believe the perfect system is the one that offers endless enjoyment without effort. And it’s all done with a commitment to quality that can only be found in one place in Southern Florida and Southern California.

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