WWWebTek Launches New Exit Strategies Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the latest version of exitllc.com. WWWebTek has successfully migrated an older version of a WordPress developed site that we have created 3 years ago to the latest version of WordPress. Utilizing migration tools and years of experience, we were able to incorporate new design elements and copy. Working with and educating the Exit Strategies team, we have handed off a major part of content management to them. Migration over to the popular X Theme and Cornerstone allows the marketing team to fully manage the site from a secure backend platform.

About Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies is a middle market buy side M&A firm. We’re paid solely by the buyer/investor to originate and facilitate deals with companies that fit their investment objectives. Our mission is to maximize value for all parties to a proprietary transaction.

Exit Strategies doesn’t just originate dialogues and introductory handshakes. Our process driven approach avoids a haphazard, throw it against the wall and see what sticks approach to deal origination. These process driven searches that also employ proprietary tools creates a bias for strong and profitable transactions. After thorough research and analysis we create introductions and then support the development of dialogues and relationships until and after the deal process reaches resolution.

In the private equity space alone we currently have contracts with over 75 investment entities and we have active contact with many others. This virtually insures that we can source an investor that meets the structural and other needs of a business seeking a sale or capital event in the private equity space.

If you’re seeking or contemplating a sale or other type of capital event we should have a conversation. Whether we work together or not, it will be a discussion worth having.

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