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WWWebTek Launches New and Improved universalremote.com

Jason FerezyLatest News

WWWebTek is proud to announce the latest version of universalremote.com. Together with their marketing team, we successfully migrated their existing, hard to maintain website, to over to a totally customized WordPress platform.


Product Updates and Support

With this new platform, their marketing team can provide up to the minute updates to resellers and the general public with the latest product announcements and data sheets.


Store Locator

We have created an “easy to use” interface for the marketing team to add, edit, delete the over 3000 businesses that cary their products. Each business can be modified to display specific product lines, map and contact information. There is also the ability to contact the local business via email through the store locator.


Full Site Handoff

Our goal was to develop this new site to hand off to their marketing team providing the with the tools and education to manage and maintain the site with minimal support from WWWebTek developers. Of course we are there if they need us…