WWWebTek Donates New LumiFlag™ Website

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WWWebTek is proud to announce the donation to Lumiflag.

In 2023 four dads founded LumiFlag to provide employment and a solid income to those living with autism and on the disability spectrum. The motorcycle and car flags are made and assembled in the USA by autistics and those living with a disability.

Working with LumiFlag's leadership team, we were able to achieve the look, feel and ease-of-navigation the client sought to best portray their brand and mission.    We look forward to continued success with LumiFlag!


The founders of Lumiflag are four dads who have been close friends since junior high school (the early 1980’s for anyone who’s counting). We have 10 kids between us.

Matthew, the original founder has a son on the autism spectrum. As a father, Matthew was concerned, as we all are, about the future employment and financial well-being of his child. To secure an income for his son, Matthew designed and patented high performance interchangeable, luminescent and customizable motorcycle and car flags that can be assembled by people living with autism and on the disability spectrum.

The flags are of high quality and light up at night. In early 2023 the four dads got together and started LumiFlag.

Our Mission & Vision

Lumiflag's mission is to employ young adults who are leaving high school and are living with autism or on the disability spectrum in the assembly, quality control and training functions by high performing interchangeable vehicle flag market. This employment serves an important need - namely to provide much needed job experience and source of income for people on the spectrum.

Our vision is to become the largest employer of people on the spectrum in the country and secure the financial well-being of our employees through a good wage, as well as medical benefits and wealth accumulation programs so that our employees will be able to live independently and upon retirement will be financially well off.

Click here to view LumiFlag Website