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ARMD Website
Built in Wordpress
Built in Wordpress

WWWebTek is proud to announce the addition of our latest client, ARMD.  The client came to us requesting assistance with their Drupal website.  Over the years, they had been paying high development fees for small changes to their Drupal website.  They liked their current site layout and design but were struggling with keeping the site fresh because the only way to update content was to have their previous development team make the updates.  WWWebtek knew the solution...  convert from Drupal to a Wordpress site and take control.

ARMD couldn’t believe the difference - changes that would previously take hours were now done in minutes!  During the port, we actively showed them the user-friendliness with the GUI that we use called Cornerstone from Themeco.  They were shocked to see the ease of use.

As with most of our clients, the goal is to hand-off websites to the company's internal team - whether it’s a coordinator, a designer or an assistant, our team is there for training and support so the day to day management of the website is EASY.  Our support team is always available if the need arises via our support system.

We’re thrilled we were able to solve for their pain points, save them money and hope we can grow our continued great relationship with ARMD!

Managing Your Dealership's Compliance Has Just  Gotten Easier!

Our advanced, online technology system identifies and assigns your staff with time sensitive tasks to manage and document compliance oversight. The ARMD system automatically tracks progress and sends reminders of task completion due dates. Compliance tasks not completed within the prescribed time period are identified and reports are escalated to senior management for resolution. In other words, you manage by exception so you can stay focused on the primary demands of your business.

Equally important, the Virtual Compliance Manager assigns and delivers high quality compliance training to your associates throughout the year. Assignments are generated based on organizational roles and critical compliance timing requirements.

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