WWWebTek Adds Ticket System to Streamline Support

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Customer Service is our #1 Priority

To Start – Open a Ticket!

Creating a detailed ticket will help our qualified agents track and support your issue.

Open Communication

Our ticket system notifies you of every step of the process to make sure your issue is resolved quickly.

Review old tickets

Hmm – where did I put that email?? With our ticket system, there is a history – search for a keyword to find an old ticket.

Easy to use

Go to http://tickets.wwwebtek.com. From here, you can Open a Ticket or View an Existing Ticket.

When opening a ticket, details are key. This will help our agents get to the issue quickly. You can even add a screenshot!

Email & Collaboration

With this system, notifications via email are instantly sent to notify you or our agents of any responses. A simple “reply to” the email enters everything into our system. No need to go to a website to reply.

  • Resolved!

    Once the ticket is completed, the issue is closed (but not gone!). You can review all past tickets and reopen them if needed.